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Boston based architect to create ‘Made in Nashik’ pop up housing for Ujjain Kumbh

Since past three months Scott Knox, a Boston-based architect has been closely Kumbh Mela and its arrangements held at Nashik and Trimbakeshwar to understand the populace and the need for sanitation, health and safety.

Scott is planning to create pop-up housing for the sadhus of the Ujjain Kumbh. A team of young professionals from the city is assisting him. The housing will be solar powered and will collect rainwater through ducts for use in toilets and baths. He calls it the “Honeycomb Village” as the entire structure will be designed like a honeycomb.

Scott had spent his time staying in the sadhugram in Tapovan and Trimbakeshwar. He said, “I found many supportive people here and they agree with the idea of sustainability and quality housing. I am making housing which can be folded, shipped in containers and distributed to any part of the globe. This can be handy in case of earthquakes or in refugee camps. We can have at least a million such camps in Ujjain.”

The Boston-based architect said, “With the amount of money spent on the Kumbh, we can have sensors, protection from mosquitoes and other things. We can use tensile fabric which is heavier than cloth, but lighter than walls. This will protect the inhabitants from water, fire and even UV rays. A clinic, open structure for yoga, meditation etc will be created. Each structure will be around 1,000 sq ft. The waste water will be used for irrigation.”

Solar energy can be used for proving electricity to a 25,000 square feet area. Instead of slanting roofs, houses will have slightly concave roofs to prevent water from flowing down to the ground. Houses will be identified using color coding.

“I have spoken to the sadhus and I am speaking to the officials in Ujjain. It can be a public private partnership venture. We are working with NDMVPS architecture students,” said Scott.

Nikkita Gaikwad, the assistant of Scott and project coordinator said, “All the resources for the housing project are being used from Nashik, including the manpower. We want to spread the message that the project is ‘Made in Nashik’.”

From marketing, colors for the housing, beams, fabrication done, civil work, plastic, fiber, stainless steel and everything else will be provided by youngsters from Nashik.

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Published On: September 24, 2015
Last Updated On: November 13, 2015

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