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8 crore devotees likely to attend at Nashik Kumbh Mela

Vishnu Sawra the Maharashtra minister for tribal welfare said here that more than eight crore devotees are likely to visit upcoming Kumbh Mela at Trimbakeshwar in Maharashtra’s Nashik district.

The minister after presiding over a review meeting yesterday on preparations for the mega festival said progress of various developmental works undertaken by organisations from Palghar for the festival was assessed.

Sawra, who is also the guardian minister Palghar, said the last Kumbh mela in Nashik, the largest congregation of Hindu devotees, 12 years ago had witnessed nearly three crore pilgrims which is likely to rise to increase to eight crore this year.

Kumb Mela this year will commence from July 15. He said Bhagwan Parshuram Sena from Palghar will organise month-long ‘Shahi Snan Amrit’ festival that would begin from August 28 at Trimbakeshwar, along with various other religious groups and bodies that will organise ‘shahi snans’ during the mela.

Published On: May 5, 2015
Last Updated On: May 14, 2015

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